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We have just published the Second Edition of our popular 274-page Petite Princess Reference Guide with more pages, new photos, additional materials, and tips for adding to your collection.  Our guide is available for purchase online direct from our publisher at


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The Complete Reference Guide to Idealís 1964 and 1965 Petite Princess and Princess Patti Dollhouse Furniture Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to Idealís Petite Princess and Princess Patti Dollhouse Furniture collections, featuring information and pictures on these exquisite dollhouse furniture lines. Included in this all-inclusive reference guide are historical insights into the marketing of Idealís Petite Princess and Princess Patti products, theory on the demise of the Ideal Toy Corporation, commentaries and collections of present-day ďprincesses,Ē identification tips, full-color inventory sections on Idealís Petite Princess and Princess Patti Furniture lines,  and tips on how to find these products in mint condition.


  Photos and complete history of the Original 1964 Ideal Petite Princess TV Commercial!


Linda Gant and Deb Holman have spent over sixteen years collaborating together on this all-inclusive and comprehensive production.  Most of the photographs were taken from their extensive Petite Princess and Princess Patti Collections and reflects the love and happiness that both have had playing with and collecting these magnificent dollhouse furniture pieces.  Both Linda and Deb found, that there's no greater enjoyment than being a Princess!  Through this wonderful book, they hope that you will, too!



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What People Are Saying About

The Complete Petite Princess Reference Guide Second Edition


Nancy Bateman, Registrar of The National Building Museum, Washington DC says:

"Your complete collection is such an excellent encyclopedic example of America's fascination with dollhouses."


Laurie Googasian says: "I thought the First Edition was a complete resource, but the Second Edition is even better! I thoroughly enjoyed the lovely pictures and the vast quantity of information about Petite Princess furniture. I've had mine for 50 years, and I am still amazed at how detailed it is. If you have ever collected it (or even thought about it) you NEED this book!"


Larraine Mallaby Elcock says: "I just got my copy of the new edition and WOW! I can't believe how much more is in this book! Some stuff I have never seen. This is an invaluable resource for Petite Princess Collectors. Thanks, Princess Linda and Princess Deb!!!"


Roy Specht, well-respected, long-time Petite Princess Collector says: "Fantastic job! A real labor of love. A MUST READ for all Petite Princess miniature collectors!!"



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